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17 Jul 2017
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Enjoy a Hot Shower While Camping With a Camp Shower Tent


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Posted By Oscar D.

Among the downsides to camping is the relative lack of acceptable bathing facilities - that is, if you don't consider a dip into the river, lake or stream as a proper bathing amenity. Of course, if you camp at a modern campsite, you might not need to worry about things like an adequate camp shower tent. But in case you are intending on roughing it and will not have a recreational vehicle or camper on hand, then there's actually no alternative but to utilize a tent exclusively designed for showering.

Lakes, streams and rivers are not suggested for bathing because of the risk that the ingredients in your shampoo and soap will wind up harming the wildlife in the region. On the other hand, a camp shower tent is a helpful piece of camping equipment that will guarantee greater privacy along with permitting you to have the benefit of getting clean in a shower that is similar in function and quality to what you would normally see in a house in the city.

Essentially, a camp shower tent contains a bag that's filled with water and there's also a nozzle that's intended to double as a shower head. You can choose solar units that derive heat from daylight, which is free of charge and an easily obtainable supply of energy. It will heat the water so you can have the benefit of an invigorating shower.

There are also several decent camp shower tents which can be powered by gas or batteries that will heat up the water sufficiently to make sure that you get a nice, energizing shower. Despite the fact that these shower tents are more expensive, they're also a good deal more convenient and you will get good value for the money spent. Furthermore, the water will be warmed up a good deal quicker than in the case of utilizing a solar powered tent.

The shower is typically hung from the top of the tent and there's a control device that can be released to allow heated water to descend from a spout. There's a lot to be said in favor of a camp shower tent, especially in terms of savoring a lovely warm shower in absolute privacy in the great outdoors.

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By Bobbie F. on JUL 21 2017 @ 8:07PM

Not to mention that lakes and rivers are freaking freezing cold.

By Gary O. on JUL 19 2017 @ 9:22AM

Solar heated shower bags are a good item to have.

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